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...the Edinburgh University Alumni Club of France

L'Association des Alumni de l'Université d'Edimbourg en France


The Auld Alliance (Scots) (FrenchVieille Alliance) was an alliance between the kingdoms of Scotland and France. It played a significant role in the relations between Scotland, France and England from its beginning in 1295 until the 1560 Treaty of Edinburgh. The alliance was renewed by all the French and Scottish monarchs of that period except for Louis XI. By the late 14th century, the renewal occurred regardless of whether there was an English threat to either kingdom.

Latest News & Events

Annual General Meeting
Saturday 17th November 2012

The Annual General Meeting of the “Association Alumni de l’Université d’Edimbourg en France”, to which you are warmly invited, will be held at Carr’s Irish Bar, rue du  Mont Thabor, Paris 1er (metro Tuileries) at 11.30 am on Saturday 17th November 2012.

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